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Do you want to know how much DosareX Vertical costs you? Fill in the data!

Enter the options you want and you will have the indicative cost of the investment.

Why is it indicative? There are several other options and configurations to choose from (such as transport, assembly and testing) which depend on different factors, so our sales department will be happy to make you an updated and competitive offer..

The estimate consists of these items:

  1. DosareX table: is the rotating weighing table on which the empty buckets to be filled with the components are loaded;
  2. Vertical Warehouse: is the warehouse that contains the raw material, depending on the height it is available in various capacities;
  3. External scale: allows you to weigh precision components or large quantities to prepare, for example, the complete batch on a pallet or tray, with this option you can add up to 3 external scales;
  4. Automatic dosing systems: DosareX Vertical manages (at the moment) up to 7 automatic dispensers, you just have to choose the product to be dispensed and how you intend to refill the dispenser (the price displayed is only an indication, it will be necessary to evaluate in detail the material to be dispensed);
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