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Weighing small components by hand has never been safer!

Your customers buy your products for the quality you can guarantee.


Control over the correct dosage of components is essential to have a product that complies with specifications.


Even if many productions necessarily have manual weighings, it is not a good reason to give up checking the dosed quantity and the traceability of the raw material.


To ensure flawless quality control, it is not enough to simply use digital scales or read recipes on a PC or on paper. Your goal must be to help operators in the precise choice of components and to keep track of the lots and weights actually used.

We fully understand the challenge of keeping production costs low without sacrificing quality control procedures. However, it is critical to be able to monitor and record all activities in the component preparation department, such as material usage, preparation times, and product batches used.


Customers increasingly require precise production traceability and if you are unable to provide them with this information, you risk losing customers in the long term.

Furthermore, not being able to identify the origin of a particular batch of raw material could force you to withdraw entire productions, causing costs and damage to your image.


To solve all or most of the problems highlighted here, there are only a few solutions on the market:

  • Purchase software that connects to the scale and verifies if the weight is correct and perhaps with a bar code verifies that the component is the right one;
  • Purchase an automatic dosing machine that alone doses the correct components and records the weights and batch of raw material;

These are solutions that we also offer and which, for certain environments, could still be valid. But they have problems.

The single digital scale connected to the PC may be suitable only for small production runs with a few identical components. In this case, the operator must first look for the components in the warehouse and bring them to the dosing station. Also, he has to change the container/bag after each weighing, avoiding forgetting a component or putting the same one twice.

In practice, this station still leaves much in the hands of the operator who has to repeatedly do so many operations in sequence and could still make mistakes.

Using an automatic dosing machine is the ideal solution if you have to make many equal productions and above all if you can afford the cost which normally starts from €600,000 for the basic version with few automatic components.

In addition to the budget you also need the space to mount it, and anyway, beyond what they tell you, even the automatic machine needs the constant presence of operators to operate.

Until now, a true ideal solution for those doing many small productions with dozens if not hundreds of components did not exist; you were forced to use one or both of the solutions that the market offered.

Multi Data wanted to invest many years and resources to find a solution capable of combining the needs of those who do a lot of small production who do not want or cannot afford expensive automatic dosing machines, but who have to handle dozens and dozens of components and cannot afford mistakes.

Strengthened by the experience accumulated in 30 years of work in dosing automation, we have created a new generation of dosing station, perfect for managing a large number of components and reducing errors without the high cost of automatic dosing machines.

It’s called DosareX Vertical.

Our solution is an advanced batching station that gives the operator total control without the need to move around the factory looking for components. It also speeds up batching operations to save time and automatically weighs the most common components or those used in larger quantities to increase production efficiency and accuracy.

In just over 20 square meters, the machine offers all the functions to stop making mistakes, keep the work area clean and increase production:

  • A rotary table to handle 10 batches at the same time that helps the operator not to move the bags\containers when changing the component;
  • An automatic warehouse that can handle as many as 200 components in 50-lt. containers;
  • The ability to have up to 7 automatic feeders for the components you use the most or do not want to handle by hand;
  • A software capable of handling all operations that records weights, times and batches and can send and receive data from MES or ERP;
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About Multi Data?

Multi Data has always made complex automations for plants that require dosing of powder, granule or liquid components.

We are the suppliers of the most important plant engineering companies in the plastic, rubber and food industries.

We have more than 600 plants to our credit in our nearly 30 years of business, and we battle with customers’ production problems every day.

Therefore, by analyzing the way companies handle manual weighing, we came up with several manual or automatic dosing machines, which led to the natural evolution into the new DosareX.


DosareX helps your operators work accurately and efficiently while avoiding errors and wasted time.

Thanks to the intuitive software, operators can start working only on authorized productions and in a set order, without having to manually search for components for the factory.

The warehouse automatically picks the components they need when they need them, while the software flags any out-of-tolerance and allows them to proceed only with weights within recipe limits..

Once the component on the first bag has been weighed, the table rotates the bins and brings the second bag to be filled to the scale in front of the operator.

If we have repetitive components or large quantities we can equip DosareX with automatic feeders (up to 7). This turns the machine into an automatic dosing station, improving productivity, limiting errors, and keeping the work environment cleaner and tidier.

Up to 7 Automatic Feeders

DosareX can be equipped with automatic dosing units for powders or granules.

If you have components you use in large quantities or components you don’t want to touch because they get dirty or are toxic, you can have the DosareX weighing system automatically dose them.

When you order the machine you will be asked what components you want to dose automatically, how many kg. you use per shift and per production run so we will know what kind of feeder to give you to get maximum performance from your DosareX dosing machine.

If you use a few kg. per batch you can load the feeders by hand while if you use a lot we can equip the feeders with automatic refill from bags, from Big Bag and even from silos.

All of our feeders are equipped with sealing caps so that not a single gram of unwanted powder falls out and systems to prevent lumps from forming so that the product flows well and is dosed perfectly.

Watch the video of the DosareX in action!

How many batches can I make with DosareX?

To answer this question we have prepared an indicative table.

Of course, it depends on how many components I want to load, in what quantity, and how fast the operator is to weigh without making mistakes, but still it gives an idea about the performance of the machine.

First component time30 sec.
Second component time40 sec.
Drawer change time20 sec.
Manual dosing time10 sec.

How much does DosareX cost?

The DosareX dosing station is available in different configurations depending on how many automatic components you want to dose, the presence or absence of automatic storage.

Below you can get an idea of the costs by composing the configuration you are interested in yourself.

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