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DosareX: a Multi Data project

We have been specialists in powder and fluid dosing for over 25 years.

DosareX is the result of Multi Data’s mission to develop a new approach to industrial dosing. All our years of experience, and with our more than 600 installed systems, go into our unique product.

DosareX is a set of dedicated products for dosing:

  • modular software for controlling any type of industrial scales, whether loaded manually or automatically;
  • – a high performance manual dosing station;
  • – a series of weighing conveyors for supplying machines;
  • modern industrial engineering for designing and commissioning complete systems;


We only do industrial dosing solutions. This means that all our technicians share the same specialised know-how. You’ll never need to worry about getting qualified support.


Our clients can choose the service contract they need to get immediate support from our technicians.


With operations worldwide, we offer support in 3 languages: English, Spanish and Italian.

Multi Data

Multi Data was established in 1994. We are one of the few European companies genuinely specialised in dosing and mixing plant automation for the plastics, rubber, food and chemicals industries.

We work together with the most important machinery and plant manufacturers, and often consult with our own clients to assist them in assessing and demanding the best solutions for their application. We have a staff of 20, engineering and making electrical enclosures and dosing stations.

Tosi Claudio
Phone: +39059537902
Email: claudio.tosi@multidata.it

I started out as a worksite technician, and after over 15 years in the field I wanted to help our clients find the best solutions for their needs.

Claudio Tosi

Sales Manager
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